My Expertise

UI/UX Design

I have an inclination towards design background, digital products and an impulse to work in tech, and as a result UI/UX designing was the best choice I made.

UI basically focuses on look and layout of a website and UX is the Interaction between them.

I am a UI/UX Designer with 8+ years of experience bringing websites to life with an appealing color palette, a sense of depth and a bit of interaction.

I am constantly striving to improve and broaden my skills as a surefire way to shine and to deliver fruitful products to the users.

Front-End Development

As a front end developer I architect and develop visual components of a website and applications using web technologies such as HTML,CSS and Javascript.

I am passionate about building high quality responsive websites which also includes integrating a CMS such as WordPress.

I work on a project with a full scope of mind simplifying the process of building next-generation web products using best-in practice technologies & frameworks and produce a cohesive experience for the users.


You never know when your work is going to be noticed or who is going to notice it and as an avocation, I do branding and collateral which includes logo design, business cards etc.

App/ Product Improvement

I take pride in my work - literally all of it. I can't be expected to be responsible for big projects if I can't handle the simple ones so as an upshot I do App/ Product enhancements, fixing issues or a complete re-design & development. After all, that's where amazing user experience start.